Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Transforming Hope

Throughout my life, God has extended to me the unconditional love of Jesus Christ and an incredible amount of grace.  Emma's Home will offer this unconditional love and support by aiding the parents and a select staff of teachers, counselors, mentors and healthcare workers to provide individualized care for each young woman in an effort to bring each child from broken to healed and able to live healthy, independent lives. While living in Emma's Home, the girls will be home-schooled, will participate in job-training, and extra-curricular activities that will aid in their development as healthy individuals as well as participate in individual and group therapy led by licensed professionals. Our hope is that each young woman will leave our home with the knowledge that she is deeply loved by God and has hope for a new life.  After they are able to live independently, Transforming Hope will be available for minimal, general support for as long as needed. 

If I have learned anything from these past two years with Campus Crusade, it is that having a community and team is vital to success in ministry and life! Transforming Hope is a brand new organization that could not exist without a community of people who love these girls and want to see their freedom as much as we do.  So I want to let you know of a few ways you can be involved:

1) You can join our prayer team! I believe that God is the only One who can create real and lasting freedom for these girls and we need a team of people committed to lifting them and us up in prayer.  If you would like to be added to our prayer team, please fill out one of our contact cards or go to our website at and sign up for the e-newsletter which includes regular updates on how specifically to pray for us.

2) You can become a part of our financial support team.  In order to house one girl, it costs Transforming Hope $5,000 a month and we have room for up to four girls.  This includes her healthcare, groceries, counseling, and the staff salaries needed to care for her.  We currently are in need of 294 monthly ministry partners to give at least $50 per month in order to be a part of our Founding Members team. You can join this team either by filling out one of the donation forms or again, visiting our website and clicking on "Donate". 

3) Lastly, you can become a part of our volunteer team. We are currently in need of volunteers to help with things like event planning for the girls, office administration, fundraising events, and social networking.  There is also a list of specific tangible needs for donations such as gift cards, hygiene items and cleaning supplies for Emma's Home and notes of love for the girls to be included in their welcome baskets. We have set up Emma's Home to be a safe home for these young women with as much consistency in their schedules and interactions as possible. Because of this, we do not allow volunteers to come into the home.  However, there are volunteer opportunities to interact with the girls off site.  If you are interested in this option, please note that when you contact us through our website.

Family of God, I want to thank you for being a part of my life and the ministry God has put in front of me. Your love, encouragement, and support has meant volumes to me as I’m learning to follow God’s and trust His goodness and provision. 

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