Saturday, February 11, 2012


At its worst, known as "sloth," or "the failure to use one's talent's and gifts," this sin is deadly. Literally. This morning I read,

The lazy man says, "There is a lion outside! I shall be slain in the streets!" Proverbs 22:13

Long before Psychologists coined the term, "learned helplessness," the Bible gave this Proverb. It seems that laziness breeds an attitude of defeat and starts a pattern of defeated thoughts. See the catch 22? If you've been lazy, you know defeat well and so you are less likely to approach the next situation with confidence. Less likely to go out and strangle a lion.

The good news? You are NOT helpless! Philippians 4:13 says you can do anything through Christ who strengthens you. Begin with confessing the sin of laziness. Then go kill a freaking lion in the street!