Thursday, March 29, 2012

The truth is true whether or not you believe it.

For example, whether or not you believe that gravity exists is irrelevant when you decide to jump out of an airplane. If you "feel" like gravity doesn't exist... it is not going to change the truth in that moment. You are going to hit the ground either way.

So I'd say, it's pretty important to figure out what truth is, wouldn't you?

Saturday, March 17, 2012

In countries like Senegal and South Sudan, people don't have the "luxury" of self-indulgence. I have it, but I'm realizing it't not such a luxury after all.

Jesus' example to us was one of self-sacrifice. Am I going to be teachable and follow His example? John 15:13

Check out my friend, Bobby's blog today:

Monday, March 12, 2012

A Woman's Softness and Strength
by: Lottie K. Hillard

Surrendered heart
NOT surrendered identity.
A softness that calms
She does not demand love
But he wants to give it to her
Her presence invites him to rest
In fact, she is like a tree
Holding forth nurturing branches
Not a spider web
Trapping him for her soul food
Her vulnerability is so lovely
He cannot keep his soul out of hers
She is marked by genuine kindness
Of one who has already forgiven him
For how he will fail her.
She exudes the kind of strength
That trusts, and waits, and suffers...
As unto God's purposes
Not her own.
She lays her life down
Like a lamb.
Not a dog.
Her surrender flows from her love
Not fear or desperation.
Because her strength is rooted in God.
Her surrender is a chosen thing
She lives in the vulnerability
Of her longing to be treasured
Her longing to be known
Her longing to be invited in
But she lets her disillusionment tenderize
Not toughen her heart
She does not hold the object of her love captive
She does not make him pay
Or tie him to her with guilt
Or keep him in terror of her critical eye
But rather lets him fly free
Enjoying all the more the reunion.
He gets to choose to be with her.
She lives at the mercy of no one
She is captive only to the Father
Thus she is free to love
Even if it means she loses
She chooses doing love over getting love.

Oh, that I would be growing into this woman. Proverbs 31.