Thursday, September 20, 2012


yes, physically.

Where did we get the concept of "personal space?" My first language was hugging and showing affection... before English. You can ask anyone who knows me well, and they will let you know quickly that if there is a choice in proximity, I want to be close. Not just holding your hand, and certainly not across the room, but perhaps in your lap or at least sitting close. If I can be closer, I choose closer. Don't get all inappropriate on me... I also see the need for boundaries and recognize certain relationships call for more physicality than others. I am just making the point that I like physical touch.

Did you know that psychological research has found infants experience something called, "failure to thrive" when they are not physically touched as babies? Check this out: They've tested two groups of infants- giving both groups equal amounts of food and water and diaper changes. In one group, they stroked the backs of the infants on a regular basis, in the other, they didn't touch them. The babies who were untouched literally had stunted growth, ate irregularly, and "failed to thrive." The group that was physically touched... they grew healthily!

But lately my heart has been shaken through daily interaction with stories of women who've been violated physically. These same babies that need touch and develop healthy trust through appropriate touch are being violated and abused through human sex trafficking.

Will you physically fight for them with me?

I am letting my knees touch the ground to pray on behalf of the 100,000 women being domestically trafficked through the United States right now. Will you do the same?

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