Sunday, September 01, 2013

Trapped and Stuck.

Trapped and stuck.

"I hate it here. I just want to be 18 so I can be an adult and leave this place."

You might guess that being rescued from human trafficking and brought into a "safe home" would denote feelings of gratefulness and freedom. Instead, she feels trapped and stuck. But before you judge her for this, think about it.

All she's ever known is captivity. All she's experienced is oppressive control. While you were learning as a young child that some authority has your best interest at heart, her experiences say otherwise.  Those she trusted manipulated her and lied to her over and over again.  There's been no one she can trust, so how could I expect her to trust me? How could I expect her to easily trust God?

No. This is a process that is much longer and harder than 18 months. This is a process that I cannot do in her heart. This heart's lessons can only be unlearned through the unconditional, faithful, and sacrificial love of Christ... a love she's never known in physical form. But the slavery wasn't just physical. Slavery never is. Which is why being rescued from a brothel doesn't mean the slavery ended. She is still trapped and stuck in a web of lies from the author of lies.

She's not free yet. Pray with me that she would be.

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