Thursday, September 05, 2013

The Onion Analogy

You either like them, or you hate them... onions. Such a pungent smell and taste that there is really no in-between. If you've ever chopped a good one, or even been nearby while someone else was doing the chopping, you've felt your eyes sting and your nose start running.

A friend once made the analogy that a Christian's sanctification process is a lot like an onion. And the more I've unpacked that in my head, the more I think, though incomplete, it's a solid analogy.  She made the point that the "real" us is on the inside- created as good in the image of God, every human being has value and potential. 

When we become a Christian, God starts the process of peeling us to get there. Sometimes it's a smelly and tear-filled process. Sometimes it's unbearable and difficult.  Often, we peel back one layer and start to feel good about it, only to realize there are more layers underneath to be explored and set out before the Lord. 

The end goal for both is something comparable to a tasty and flavorful dish with a pleasing aroma. Ezekiel 20:41

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