Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Money is a resource. Girls are not.

Money is a resource.

Before money, we had trading. If I grew apples and you grew oranges, we could trade apples for oranges and we’d both have apples and oranges. The game has changed now.  

I have a bachelors degree in Psychology which allows me to offer a trade: counseling.  And I have a passion: freedom for girls who are victims of sex slavery.  

And you have a trade: (fill in the blank).  You make money.  Now, don’t get your panties in a wad just because I mentioned money.   

We’re still talking apples and oranges.  

Someone else has the apple tree now and the girls I work with still need apples. They need to eat.  And they need a place to stay.  And they need a doctor and a counselor and clothes and toothpaste.  You have your trade and I have mine. Let’s trade.  

Unfortunately, the wrong kind of trading has happened in these women’s lives thus far.  These girls needed apples to stay alive but they didn’t have oranges to give. They didn’t have anything. So someone decided to make them the resource. 

Will you help me buy their trust back? 

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